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Scuba Diving


    Scuba Lessons with Sovereign Aqua Trek Scuba School

    Discover Scuba Diving with Sovereign Aquatrek Scuba School, bringing the under sea world to Eastbourne.  Sovereign Aquatrek will be running a number of courses for all ages throughout the year.  The courses are run by a fully qualified PADI Scuba Instructor who will help you through your journey providing equipment, instruction and assistance.


    Available Courses

    SnorkellingAges 8+
    Skin DivingAges 8+
    PADI BubblemakerAges 8-12
    PADI Seal TeamAges 8-12
    PADI Discover ScubaAdults and Ages 12+
    Open Water CoursesAdults and Ages 10+



    Learn to Snorkel with an hour long course, teaching basic skills to get you started on your path to the underwater world.  Whether you are planning a holiday in the sun, or just want to try something new, if you’re age 8 and above and comfortable in the water then this course is for you.

    The course is suitable for all the family, jump in and start your adventure!


    Skin Diving

    Skin Diving takes you a little further than just snorkelling its aimed at the good swimmers, that might have snorkelled before and want to learn more.  The course incorporates some free diving skills, snorkelling skills and skin diving.

    While snorkelling is limited to peering down from the surface, skin divers generally venture further, making frequent surface dives to interact with aquatic life.

    What You Learn;

    • An introduction to equipment
    • Dive Science
    • Safe Skin Diving Practices
    • How to Enter the Water
    • Checking Buoyancy
    • Surface Swimming
    • How to Use your Fins, Mask and Snorkel
    • Performing Surface Dives

    To enrol in the PADI Skin Diver course, you must be able to swim 25M and be comfortable in the water.


    PADI Bubblemaker

    Suitable for ages 8-10 the PADI Bubblemaker course allows younger children to experience scuba under the careful supervision of a PADI Scuba instructor.

    During the course in the pool at the Sovereign Centre, young kids can have the thrill of breathing and blowing their first bubbles underwater with real Scuba equipment.

    What You Learn;

    • An introduction to scuba equipment
    • Basic techniques
    • Safety and underwater communication signals

    Upon completion of PADI Bubblemakers course kids will be rewarded with a Scuba diving certificate and a certification card.


    PADI Seal Team Junior Diving Program

    If you’re aged between 8 - 12 years old, and want to experience Scuba on a more regular basis, here is the opportunity to join Sovereign Aquatrek’s Seal Team.  You will learn Scuba diving and be able to have adventures and thrilling experiences underwater by taking part in "Aquamissions". 

    An Aquamission is one scuba dive, a big underwater adventure in which you learn to Scuba dive step by step in the pool. The first part of the PADI Seal Team course consists of 5 Aquamissions.

    To join the PADI Seal Team you need to:

    • Be of age 8 - 12 years
    • Have Basic swimming skills and feel comfortable in the water

    What You Learn;

    • Working and reading the Aquamission activity workbook.
    • Watching the Aquamission video.
    • Interactive Briefing - You get explanation about the subjects learned from the Aquamission workbook by Aqua Trek’s Seal Team Instructor. You will be able to ask all your questions before your missions in the pool start.
    • 5 Aquamissions - You will make 5 dives in a pool and learn Safe Scuba Diving. The Aquamissions contain a lot of fun exercises and games explained and played with your PADI Seal Team Instructor. You will learn to breath underwater and how to use a diving mask and swim around underwater with fins and Scuba gear. Every mission is starting with a briefing by the instructor.

    When you have become 12 years of age, you can continue with the Junior Open Water Diver Course. During that dive course you will learn Scuba diving outside of the pool.


    Try Dives

    Suitable for adults and ages 10+ and the ultimate in first time experience, Discover Try Dive is developed by PADI on "Dive Today" philosophy and is an easy way to have your first compressed air breathes underwater in your local pool.  Try Dive provides a dive “Experience” with  basic dive training for beginners. 

    What You Learn:

    • Straight-forward knowledge and skill development sessions
    • An introduction to the equipment and skills used
    • Underwater time in the pool using the equipment and trying some of the skills

    Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25M and be confident in deep water.

    After completing the PADI Discover Scuba Course you can then take your training further with the Open Water Course.  

    For more information on any of the courses please enquire below, or visit Sovereign Aquatrek's Website.


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