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GP Referral Scheme

What is the GP Referral Scheme?

The GP referral scheme enables your GP to prescribe a course of exercise or activity as part of the rehabilitation process following physical or mental illness.

The Sovereign Centre GP referral scheme runs over a 3 month period. One of our qualified instructors will work with you to create a programme suited to your needs and will review your progress

The scheme is available for £30 as a one off paymnet.

Please note this scheme is currently on pause for new participants.


How do I take part?

The first step is to visit your GP and request a letter referring you for exercise. Following a successful referral from your GP, Practice Nurse or Consultant you will be asked to contact the GP Referral Instructor on 01323 722272 or contact us via the enquiries link below to arrange your initial appointment.

Your appointment will include a simple fitness assessment (please wear comfortable clothing and footwear in which to exercise). The results of this and the reasons for your referral will enable the instructor to create your personal fitness programme.